The Citizen Media Group is a consortium of experienced multi media, legal and educational professionals and others who are committed to restoring the public service motive to information-distribution, and to creating an information-distribution organization for print, Internet, film and video, books and other “idea distribution” networks of media.

CMG supports publications, documentary video/film/television content production and or access, authors and self-publishing, e-book publishing, and education or training related to media-related topics, as well as dissemination of any type of information geared towards improving groups of citizens. These improvements could cover topics as wide-ranging as amateur athletics, “ropes courses”, health and nutrition information and access to information, educating and training for ‘citizen journalists’ in various communities, and all related efforts.

CMG also is engaged in providing or sponsoring educational speakers, workshops, seminars and courses on all such media-related, health and educational-related, and information access topics, that CMG believes bolster good citizenship.