Mission Statement

The Citizen Media Group is a nonprofit social enterprise with the mission of informing and educating the public through the use of various media outlets.

As a nonprofit, CMG seeks and accepts grants, donations and sponsorships, and makes donations and sponsors others in their endeavors. As a social enterprise, CMG strives to develop self-sustaining revenue streams to assure our financial and journalistic independence.

Our nonprofit social enterprise model is a deliberate effort to set the media’s dissemination of information free from corporate profit motives and media bureaucracies that hinder vital news coverage and dissemination of healthful information, and otherwise adversely affect the public’s needs by driving the news agenda to ‘what sells’, which often prevents coverage of anything except crime and other ‘bad’ news.

CMG seeks to cover events of real import to real people through any and all media outlets and educational efforts, or to assist and train others to provide such coverage.